The Hopeful Handmade Purses

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Each of the Hopeful Handmade Purses are made with love and hope. Every time you pick up this purse, we hope you wear it proudly as a reminder of the hope families experience in gaining skills and crafting a future full of hope for their family.

The sewing program is one of the most popular Community Development classes that is offered! Participants are able to learn a very practical skill and are quickly able to use that skill to help support their family. Participants have been certified to teach, many have set up their own shop in their home, and many others participate in teaching and supporting new students. The reputation of the program has resulted in local contracts for costumes, uniforms and other projects.

While the program is supported by the donation of machines and materials, it is becoming more and more self-sustaining as it grows.

Each of these items is uniquely handmade. The teachers teach basic and progressing skills and provide prototypes for the students. The participants and encouraged to develop their own designs and supported with materials and equipment until they are able to support themselves.

You can be sure that the item you purchase is truly one of a kind!