The Empowered Embroidered Canvas Paintings

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Each of these paintings is unique, with no exact replica as they are all individually handmade! Each painting was handcrafted by a community member learning a new skill of embroidered paintings. While learning skills to make a living, community members are becoming empowered from the inside out. Each of these are so much more than a painting, but also carry a story  of redemption.

These bright and colorful paintings are the result of a collaboration between three different community projects. The painting classes start the project, the embroidery class adds their element, and the construction class finishes the project with the frame! All three projects benefit from the sale of each painting. These pieces celebrate the color and spirit of the Mexican culture and would look beautiful in any room in your home!

Roughly 26.5 x 20 inches.

Scroll through the pictures above to choose the perfect addition to your home. 


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